There is nothing to fear

There is nothing to fear

The Light is here,

I do not mind much about Valentine’s day.

I seem to understand that on a daily basis true Love surrounds everything we see.

The world might seem chaotic these days.  Perhaps is hard to understand all the happenings of the time, so I am here to share with you some better news; behind the scenes, true Love is doing what it came here to perform. There is a Sword, a mighty Sword being used to establish the law and right human relations. It is wielding its power, breaking down the old and crystallized ways. Making way for the new seedlings being planted as we share these moments. If in any form we are attached to the old ways, even if only by a small fraction, then a level of pain might become a part of our experience. Pain can bring awareness.

So I say to you – and remind myself in the process – that there is nothing to fear. The Sword is a manifestation of the energy we call Love. The Sword brings Light, and with Light, forgiveness makes its presence in the midst of all these seemly chaotic happenings. Forgiveness, if properly comprehended and applied, is the key to right human relations and joy. Forgiveness will allow us to detach ourselves from the old and corrupted ways, and it can bring about the cleansing that washes away all pain.

There is nothing to fear,

The Light has come.

Peace to all,

~ A

Holidays Musings and the Magi

Holidays Musings and the Magi

As the celebrations of the many holidays comes to an end, and while I enjoyed the time that passed between these days let me share with you a few thoughts.

First the origin of these many celebrations, it seems that every year I find a new piece of information regarding the “real” origin of this and that. This year I ran into a story of the origin of Santa Claus/Saint Nick as being a representation of a gift giving Shaman from an old Eastern European tradition, with hallucinogenic mushrooms playing a part in the story, flying deers you know…
One thing does seem sure; the reasons and the manner we celebrate them (holidays) are old, thousand of years old, and the main cause behind them is, the observance of the passing of the seasons and the marking of milestones that happen only once in the travel route of the blue dot around the Sun. The Sun plays a major role in most of these celebrations, as the time of the solstice, viewed from the northern part of the globe, marks the end of the night having the upper hand against the day. From this moment on the days will get longer and thus for many, a time to celebrate and plan the year ahead, all based on the now more available daylight to work the land and see the crops grow and provide nourishment. For many the difficulties of the cold weather conditions begin to retreat and give way to warmer, sunnier days.
Most cultures have had deities to thank for such happenings, thus it seems that the origin of most of these celebrations is a way to thank the gods for giving us another chance in this adventure called life. Some have used these globally celebrated traditions to celebrate the birth of a symbol of hope, glory and a bright future (Sun). Christmas as the birthdate for the Messiah, seems like an easy choice, but before him there were other great beings deciding to see the light around the solstice: Horus, Osiris, Mithra, Dionysus, Adonis to name a few, oh wait, let me not forget Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec god of war and the sun, sometimes represented by a hummingbird, that was celebrated during the month of December.
For many, the need to sacrifice animals to honor the birthday of their chosen deity and to ask for favors was a common practice, for others the gathering of as much food provided by the Mother (Earth) and to have a feast in their honor was the way to go.

And the gift giving; a sacrifice to the gods, a way to asks for favors, a recognition of stature and honor, a manner of salutation and of respect. A symbolism in action and gracefully represented in the iconic stories we have heard. Among them, the story of the Magi. The 3 wise Teachers from far lands that followed a bright shining star to the birthplace of the Messiah, The future Christ, the embodiment of Love on its way to the trials of life and the final triumph of Light. Three gifts were bestowed upon the newborn Prince of Peace: Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Gifts full of meaning.
The 3 wise Men are still celebrated in many cultures, on January 5th, the twelve night after the birth, also know as the night of the kings – Noche de Reyes – Celebrated before the Epiphany, the day when the 3 kings visit the newborn baby and present him the symbols of Stature (gold), Honor (frankincense) and Purity (myrrh).
There is a tradition that includes sweet bread, hot cocoa and gift giving that is still celebrated in many households.

The gift giving part around the holidays is bewildering to me these days.

Real Gods do not a present need, The real Gods understand that it is in giving that we receive, that giving is sharing, sharing is a form of service and service is the natural state of the Divine.
As members of the one family, members of one living body, to serve each other is the greatest gift we can present our fellow brothers and sisters.
Real Gods live in temples, We are the living temples and the real God is within each and every one of us, waiting for our own winter celebration to see our own personal Sun God begin to take the upper hand over the darkness of our personality and bring about a little more light into our lives every day. A Light that only grows stronger as it is shared and thus it brings joy into the world.

I had a wonderful Winter celebration, I missed seeing family members but they were in my thoughts. I had my moments of doubt, only to laugh at them in hindsight. I shared what I had, and gladly accepted the gifts that came my way.
I reconnected, if only for a lightning moment, with my understanding of the source of the meaning of this Season, and I gave thanks, for I see that the future is bright and the ending is already assured.
There is work to be done, the land is ready for new seeds to be planted and new crops to be harvested, crops like we have never seen before. The Light is here.
Stay tuned…

Peace to all
~ A

What is the Real World?

Lessons from A Course in Miracles…

What is the Real World?

The real world is not what you think, at least not what you think right this moment.

“The real world is a symbol… The real world cannot be perceived except through eyes forgiveness blesses, so they see a world where terror is impossible, and witnesses to fear can not be found… There are no cries of pain and sorrow heard, for nothing there remains outside forgiveness. And the sights are gentle. Only happy sights and sounds can reach the mind that has forgiven itself.” ~ ACIM

The real world is the peace of God, is the renouncing of all dreams – that in reality are nothing but nightmares, illusions, a fog so dense it takes tremendous effort just to get our head above it for an instant and see the light of truth.

The real world is forgiveness, and a home to those forgiven.

The real world is your inheritance and your rightful destiny. You can only discover it by its reflection on your brothers, who are waiting for you there, with open arms and guiding hands. With open hearts and guiding minds.

The real world is never lost, it is always right in front of you. We have lost our sight, but with disciplined practice, it comes back.

The real world can be seen with clear perception free from attachment to ideologies and conditioning.

ACIM Lesson 291

This is a day of stillness and of peace. 

By Ian Norman ( - Flickr and the review where it was used on Lonely Speck : [1], CC BY-SA 2.0,
By Ian Norman (

The Path and the Process


I am a student of the Esoteric wisdom, also know as the Ageless Teachings, knowledge given to us since the beginning of humanity, and primarily recorded within the ancient and sacred text of the many traditions that have left a mark in the history and evolution of humanity. I am just beginning to understand the long road ahead of me, and for the first time, I have a better understanding of the deeper meaning of the steps taken before and how they shape the road ahead of me.

As a student of this Ancient Wisdom, one of the basic laws one must comprehend is that in order to have a constant supply of energy (knowledge) one must let it it flow or share. One of my most influential text is the Course In Miracles (TM), one of my favorite lessons from the book is: “To give and to receive are one in truth” , and a chapter of the text:  “To Have, Give All to All”. They both clearly state the principle behind my Philosophy: In order to be able to access more knowledge, one most keep a constant open space in the vessel, so keep giving away part of what you have gained, in this case, knowledge and maintain a harmonious and endless stream.

That is the Path we take together, we walk together in this journey, we help each other, we learn by teaching each other, and we gain access to better views of our selves and the world around us.

Let’s take a tour into yet unknown and beautiful aspects of our Life.

Adrian Magaña