About me

I am a long time student of the Esoteric Knowledge, I have been practicing Meditation since I was a teenager, initially thought by the Universal Brotherhood funded under the principles of Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere in a small town in Mexico. Basic yoga principles of breathing, concentration and relaxation opened the door tho further inquiries. As a teenager, upon a visit to the United States I took a weekend course thought by the Silva Method of Mind control (TM), further opening my practice and understanding  the process of Meditation. During my college years I began to read as many books and articles relating to Philosophy, Religion, New age thought, and the occult as I could find.

Once I moved to the United States I deepened my studies and Meditation practice, discovering what I consider the most powerful Meditation available to us: Transmission Meditation . I have been practicing this and other Meditation techniques since the year 2000. The last 5 years of my life I have decided that one of my purposes in this life is to share the wisdom and experiences I have been blessed with. For it is an ancient axiom that in order to fully comprehend the teachings one must live them and teach them…

So here I am, as a fellow traveler in this planetary incarnation, I am here to be truly helpful and willing to work with you in discovering our goals and the path to achieving them.

Peace to all,

Adrian Magaña