The Path and the Process


I am a student of the Esoteric wisdom, also know as the Ageless Teachings, knowledge given to us since the beginning of humanity, and primarily recorded within the ancient and sacred text of the many traditions that have left a mark in the history and evolution of humanity. I am just beginning to understand the long road ahead of me, and for the first time, I have a better understanding of the deeper meaning of the steps taken before and how they shape the road ahead of me.

As a student of this Ancient Wisdom, one of the basic laws one must comprehend is that in order to have a constant supply of energy (knowledge) one must let it it flow or share. One of my most influential text is the Course In Miracles (TM), one of my favorite lessons from the book is: “To give and to receive are one in truth” , and a chapter of the text:  “To Have, Give All to All”. They both clearly state the principle behind my Philosophy: In order to be able to access more knowledge, one most keep a constant open space in the vessel, so keep giving away part of what you have gained, in this case, knowledge and maintain a harmonious and endless stream.

That is the Path we take together, we walk together in this journey, we help each other, we learn by teaching each other, and we gain access to better views of our selves and the world around us.

Let’s take a tour into yet unknown and beautiful aspects of our Life.

Adrian Magaña