There is nothing to fear

There is nothing to fear

The Light is here,

I do not mind much about Valentine’s day.

I seem to understand that on a daily basis true Love surrounds everything we see.

The world might seem chaotic these days.  Perhaps is hard to understand all the happenings of the time, so I am here to share with you some better news; behind the scenes, true Love is doing what it came here to perform. There is a Sword, a mighty Sword being used to establish the law and right human relations. It is wielding its power, breaking down the old and crystallized ways. Making way for the new seedlings being planted as we share these moments. If in any form we are attached to the old ways, even if only by a small fraction, then a level of pain might become a part of our experience. Pain can bring awareness.

So I say to you – and remind myself in the process – that there is nothing to fear. The Sword is a manifestation of the energy we call Love. The Sword brings Light, and with Light, forgiveness makes its presence in the midst of all these seemly chaotic happenings. Forgiveness, if properly comprehended and applied, is the key to right human relations and joy. Forgiveness will allow us to detach ourselves from the old and corrupted ways, and it can bring about the cleansing that washes away all pain.

There is nothing to fear,

The Light has come.

Peace to all,

~ A